We provide LG Ericsson iPECS PABX installations in Dubai to tap the business telecommunication needs

LG Ericsson iPECS PABX system offers the entire package of IP, computer telephony integration (CTI), and mobility features. It is an ideal component for delivering out of the box PABX mobility solutions for businesses of any stature with its ground-breaking innovative technology. Installing the LG Ericson PABX system is quite straightforward than it might seem. At Techno Edge Systems, we offer LG Ericsson Phone Systems Dubai to meet the requirements of Enterprise Communications.

LG Ericsson Phone systems Dubai

Minimum connection and version requirements to connect LG Ericsson iPECS PABX System to the network architecture

• A third party TAPI (telephony programming application interface) license on PABX
• Firmware requirement iPECS – E.0dy or later
• Firewall requirement iPECS – UDP: 5588
• Minimum version requirement of Go Connect Server 2.4.0
• Require the IP address of the PABX system
• The PABX system should be connected to the same subnet as the Go Connect Server and to the same switch if possible.

How to connect LG Ericsson iPECS PABX System to the network architecture

The iPECS system can be connected to the LAN via a network socket on the main unit by setting the IP address and other network settings through programming on the HTML interface.

Steps to install LG Ericsson iPECS PABX System

The Go Connect Server essentially is a powerful integrated software suite that integrates a lot of supported phone systems.
1. The first step is to add the IP address of the Go Connect Server on the PABX System including the System data, System Attributes (160, 161), and the IP address in CTI IP (52).
2. No error message is thrown even if the above step does not help in connecting to the LG Ericsson PABX system.
3. You will have to manually check the IP address of the PABX system and Tapi license and retry. To validate the existence of TAPI license on PABX, press Trans/PGM and then enter 78 or 7* on iPECS. The appearance of the digit 2 on the second line of the display confirms the existence of TAPI license.

Note: Installation of ELG TAPI driver is not required for making the LG Ericsson iPECS PABX system.

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