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Business telephony is the private multiline telephone network that has the functionality of a heart in the business. With the client calls being utmost important to any business, the PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) enables the handling of numerous calls coming in at the same time by diverting them to respective departments through an automated process. In our last blog, we have discussed the various types of PABX phone systems available for small and medium-sized businesses. In this blog, we will help you identify which type of PABX phone system is ideal for you. At Techno Edge Systems, we offer Hosted Panasonic PABX system Dubai to IP PBX phone systems for small businesses and the enterprises alike.

Panasonic PABX system Dubai

Which is the best PBX phone system for your business?

With various options of business telephony existing today, identifying the right kind for your specific requirement is a challenge. At Techno Edge Systems, we can help you zero-down on the ideal one by taking various factors into consideration like budget, the size of the business, customers, partners, etc.

Right questions to ask the PBX phone systems provider before making a decision

• Will the service provider be able to add more lines if the need arises?
• Is there a possibility to switch plans based on the requirement?

• Does the service provider supply the telephone instruments?
• Does the service provider offer support and is it covered in the contract?
• The term of the contract.

• Does the service provide bring in a direct connection or a phone connection based on the internet?

When is IP PBX phone system ideal?

The IP PBX system allows you to make calls over VOIP. Each call coming in basically passes through the data communication center and then relayed to the respective destination over the Internet. The IP PBX phone system is ideal if
• You ‘re open for on-site PBX installation.
• You have enough investment capital.
• You have a reliable internet connection.
• If your business requires making more calls for long durations, the IP PBX phone system is a cost-effective choice.

When is Hosted PBX phone system Ideal?

The hosted PBX system is once again the IP PBX phone system, however, with the data center hosted at an off-site location. The PBX system offered by the service provider is basically a shared service. The business is expected to pay a monthly fee to the service provider.

The hosted PBX phone system is ideal for you if

• You have budgetary constraints as no initial investment costs are required.
• A low number of telephone lines is required; if there is a requirement for more number of lines in the background, then one-site IP PBX systems can be an ideal choice.
• No client calls are required as the voice and the video communication over hosted IP PBX systems can be less than ideal.

At Techno Edge Systems, we deal with Panasonic IP phone systems at large, which are easy to set up, offers flexibility and manageability making it ideal PBX phone system for your business. For Panasonic PABX system in Dubai, visit our website www.pabxinstallationdubai.ae.