We often think about how to implement propelling strategies to maintain better communication in an organization and of course smart PABX telephone system is one of the core parts of the business that helps in providing spectacular communication either within the organization or its network located in different areas. As an expert in installing perfect PABX systems in Dubai, Techno Edge Systems suggests you the accurate PABX system equipment for your business.

We hold the reputation for delivering the best quality PABX systems of renowned brands for many large-scale & SME enterprises in Dubai. Our PABX System installation services are offered at lesser costs. As we believe that proper PABX system installation is recommended for strengthening the communication which improves the good-will of any organization, we always implement better methods to improve efficiency for installing PABX systems.

What is a PABX System?

PABX- Private Automatic Branch Exchange System automates the complete communication system replacing the poor traditional telephone system within the corresponding private network. PABX system provides the great communication functionalities (advantages) carrying out the flexible management of incoming/outgoing calls, conference calls, automated assistance for enquiries at offices, receptions, hotels, adjustments of volume, voice mailing system , easy navigable interface, auto-answering, auto-receptionist answering, sending/accepting voice mails, able to send messages, faxing, providing extensions for internal communication or within a private network and capable to connect multiple lines with single unit.

What are the types of PABX System?

PABX System Installations for a company can be decided based on the level, usage, size of the network, number of employees and the budget of the organization. Basically, there are three types of PABX System installations.

  • VoIP PABX System:

    VoIP PABX Systems are highly recommended for enterprises like call centers, receptionists or for any businesses that are intensely busy with communicational operations and to enhance productivities. The VoIP PABX/ PBX system provides spell-bounding ad cutting-edge features which bring out huge profits.

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The VoIP PABX system is loaded with ample of technical features such as enabling the finite reliable system where the user is leveraged to incorporate the additional telephone systems into the network.

Wireless connections can be connected directly to PCs, so that the user is allowed to access the system from any work-station within the allocated network or else the user can operate the work beyond the permitted area with other wireless devices such as cell phone, etc.

Another efficient part of VoIP Pabx system is an online management system. The concerned employee can be allowed to manage the work remotely through the web-based system.

  • Hybrid PABX System-Office Telephone System:
    Hybrid is the combination of both VoIP and conventional PABX system. Hybrid PABX System Installation makes the right choice for the industries who intends to bring drastic optimization in productions within the short span.


The Hybrid PABX System holds all the prominent features with the latest updates enabling group calls, messages, fax, call recording, providing extensions and more.

  • Conventional PABX System:
    Conventional PABX Systems are mostly recommended by small-scale industries, which can’t invest much in telephone equipment or if they do not require more number of telephone systems for day-to-day resources, but needs to optimize performance and productivities.


The conventional PABX system is featured with call recording, caller Id displaying, muting options, speakers and group calling but with limited extensions.

Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business, we guide you the exact solutions.

Brands of PABX System Installations from Pabxsystemdubai

We have been providing PABX System Installations from the top three brands namely Panasonic, Avaya and LG Ericsson.

Panasonic PABX System Installation: Panasonic IP PABX Systems conquer the world of telephone systems. They are designed to optimize productions and improve reliability at work place. The modular devices or equipment from Panasonic could vary according to the standards of the Industries. The IP PBX Systems are fully featured. They provide efficient VoIP technologies that could connect all high-ended business. They are the one-stop solutions for organizations leveraging protective communication needs.  We had a wide range of equipment exclusively from Panasonic.

Avaya: Avaya Pabx systems are used mostly for SME’s. They connect the entire business area in an organization with extended connections. The team can experience complete productive features such as call recording, muting of calls, conference calls and more. The Avaya devices can be expanded as per the requirements of the business to improve efficiency.

LG-Ericsson: They are well defined for medium enterprises. LG-Ericsson provides strong mobility features combined with the latest technology. The phone systems from LG-Ericsson distribute the best & pure communication in the business with accustomed features. Most of the basic models from LG can be extended to new generation/version phones.

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We are expert in dealing PABX system installation in Dubai, UAE. We ensure consistency growth in your business. We offer solutions of PABX System Installations either of VoIP PABX system, IP PABX phones or Hybrid Telephone systems.

Our experienced technicians will help you with best branded PABX System Installations in Dubai, UAE. If you are not able to decide, we guide you with the right solutions.  Our affordable PABX System Installations in UAE are widely available for large, medium and small-scale industries.

Get in touch with us for more information on PABX System Installations reach us on +971547914851 or for more queries ping us www.Pabxinstallationdubai.ae. We take the pleasure to assist you the righteous PABX System Installations for your bright business enhancement.