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Communication being the backbone of any company infrastructure, it keeps on evolving with changing business needs. More so, inadvertently no two businesses are the same. That’s why we at Techno Edge Systems LLC, Dubai supply a broad range of  PBX phone systems for multiple businesses and office applications. We can provide you with all the itineraries you need to maintain your current contacts with accurate and enhanced routing options while seamlessly integrating a system that meets your future needs.

Connecting Clients and Compeers

What is PBX phone system?

PBX that stands for Private Branch Exchange System is a private telephone network infrastructure installed within the office premises in any organization. A  PABX System Installation in Dubai work completely on analog lines to communicate internally within office premises as well as to connect with the outside world. PBX allows multiple lines than physical phone lines with free communication within the company.

What is a PABX System? 

PABX stands for Private  Automatic Branch Exchange System is a telephone network that makes it possible to have many lines of access using a few connections to the public network called the public switched telephone network (PSTN). PABX automates the switching tasks needed to connect calls between extensions via interactive voice menus (IVRs). Each device in a PABX system connected to the exchange has a designated extension number. These devices incorporate desk phones, computer modems, and fax machines.


PBX and PABX Installations and Configuration

Key-Features of PBX and PABX systems

PABX being a viable option for VoIP provides enterprises enhanced reliability and flexibility over their voice communication processes. The basic and advanced features of the PBX/PABX system are as follows:

Free internal Calling: Assigning extension numbers to each telephone unit enables PABX telephone users to have internal calls for free.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): PABX system in Dubai commonly greets an incoming call with a recorded message called IVR. This greeting requests a number for the caller to dial to reach the target department, working as an upgraded auto attendant. It is often used by organizations for technical support, product information requests, and other inquiries.

Call Quality: The phone infrastructure being relied on analog lines, the voice quality of the PBX system is high and there’s no fear of a possibility of a call drop in the middle of a crucial conversation which invariably will save a lot of your time.

Security: Due to the pandemic most of the meetings and crucial decisions are being taken on phone calls. Since the PBX external calls route directly to PSTN (Public switched telephone network) and being no interaction with the internet, there is no risk of hacking. Essentially keeping your confidential meetings over the phone secured.

Affiliation with any industry: The flexibility of the PBX system is such that it can be well affiliated with any industry, be it e-commerce, tourism, healthcare, education, manufacturing, or home business. Also with the seamless integration of 3rd party software applications, it makes day-to-day operations easier and enhances the system to cater to future needs.

Advanced calling Features: The PABX system installation in Dubai incorporates call forwarding, call queues, call recording, call parking, call transfer, call waiting and conference calling features boosting operational efficiency and connectivity between B2B and C2B.

Do Not Disturb (DND): It enables the users to block incoming calls of specific extensions.

Direct Dial-In: Allows callers to bypass IVRs or auto attendants so that the users can make a direct connection to the considered number.

Advanced voicemail features: PBX system facilitates the conversion of voicemail to text and email with ease. Thus handling voice messages efficiently and ensuring no voice message is left unanswered.

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We at Techno Edge Systems LLC in Dubai, UAE offer an extensive range of wired and wireless PBX communications systems. Our experienced team of professions provides 24/7 support through an event whether online or onsite. To cater to your application needs, we offer flexibility in integrating 3rd party software applications as well. To know more about our exclusive products in PBX/PABX range call us at +971547914851 , and talk with our representative personally or else visit us on  www.pabxinstallationdubai.ae