The PABX phone system is a managed private network consisting of many lines and stations that forms the primary mode of communication within an organisation.

PABX uses a range of different platforms such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and more for communication. In a PABX system or PABX phone system, Public switched telephone network is used for facilitating connections provided by the service provider.

A PABX phone system facilitates shared phone lines and the businesses don’t need to install separate lines for each desk, 20 – 30 phone lines can facilitate up to 200 virtual phone lines. It allows internal communication through a series of short extension numbers and the calls are free of cost.

The system works efficiently as not all employees are simultaneously on calls and the system can seamlessly transfer calls between executives.

PBX Phone Systems in Dubai

Role of PABX in Business Communication:

  • PABX phone systems allows users within an organisation to manage calls from various devices with a single phone connection. It allows users to use multiple extensions and increase productivity.
  • PABX constitutes of a few integral components that include a housing for internal parts, a switchboard console for operators, computers for processing data, lines for connecting PABX to PSTN, necessary system hardware, endpoints (phone, fax machine, and other terminals). Etc.
  • PABX uses VoIP for sending and receiving digital signals. A few advanced features of PABX include voicemail to email, auto-attendant, conferencing, hold music and message, caller ID, call forwarding, speed dial, and redial.
  • PABX service providers offer the whole setup as a service along with maintenance and businesses only have to pay fixed monthly charges for it.
  • A PABX system can frequently forward calls to specific executives and establish a connection between the company and the customers from almost anywhere in the world.
  • The PABX phone system facilitates long distance and /or international calls that is quite beneficial.
  • PABX systems are scalable and these can be upgraded easily as the business grows. PABX phone systems are best suited for businesses that follow a dynamic working style and have changing needs.

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