The communication channel plays a vital role in the success of an organisation. PABX phone systems are considered an ideal solution to achieve this.

PABX phone systems help enterprises to stay connected digitally through the advanced features of communication they offer.

PABX phone systems connect to the PSTN and allow users to communicate internally and externally using communication channels such as VoIP, ISDN, or analog phone lines.

PABX phone systems allow businesses to connect any number of phones line to a single network, rather than requiring a separate line for each phone like a key telephone system.

PABX Phone Systems in Dubai

PABX Phone System Allows Improved Communication:

  • PABX establishes a connection between telephony devices. It transmits voice signals between users. It terminates the connection when one of the users ends the call.
  • PABX phone systems offer a range of business-grade features to enhance the call routing and handling process. Some advanced calling features of PABX systems include:
  • Call forwarding: Employees can transfer calls to the appropriate department or agent.
  • Call blocking: Hide caller-ID for enhanced security and privacy.
  • Call queue: Informs customers about their place in the queue and how long until they reach an agent.
  • Call recording: Allows for call recording to be used later for training purposes.
  • Conference call: It allows business owners to establish conference calls internally and externally.
  • Extension dialling: A single PABX phone line can be used by multiple users with the help of extension numbers. The incoming calls are routed to the unique extension number.
  • Music on hold: Users are allowed to stay connected if the line is busy.
  • Calls made after business hours are automatically transferred to a 24×7 customer support line.
  • Auto-attendant: Auto-attendant is the most helpful feature of a PABX phone system. It routes the callers to the specific department through a pre-recorded menu.
  • PABX phone systems offer scalability and allow businesses to add and remove users within the network without much hassle.
  • PABX phone systems are cost-efficient. They require minimal equipment, installation, and maintenance for an efficient communication system. The PABX phone systems can be easily integrated with the existing phone system and are therefore cost-effective.
  • They are easy to relocate and allow users to work from any place. Users of PABX systems can seamlessly switch between mobile devices, desktop computers, or landlines.

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