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We Passionate With Creative Vision

With the growing trends and innovations in technology, the world has become a much smaller place nowadays. Taking advantage of the ability to converse with people across the globe in a few seconds, various companies have corporate offices set up across various continents and countries (with Dubai being a major hub),which are several thousands of miles away from each other geographically, but are virtually no further than a few seconds- with virtually zero lag in communications.

This has been made possible with the growth of the internet, connecting devices like the world famous PABx systems and ability of people to communicate effectively without having to be physically in front of the person in question.

However, by no means is every manufacturer of equipment such as PABX system setup capable of providing seamless connectivity- and neither is every installer capable of handling and setting up high standard equipment. When there are literally millions at stake, it always makes sense to get the best possible equipment and the best possible people to install it for you to ensure that your work goes on without any disruption and minimal issues.

We, at TechnoEdge  specialize in the best Panasonic PABX installation in Dubai, UAE which is recommended to you based on your specific requirements and installed by our dedicated team of specially trained engineers with several years of experience behind them. Our clients have always expressed their happiness and gratitude at having been provided the best possible service with the highest level of commitment towards their business- sense, for us, the customer is everything!


Our mission
As a provider of the latest technology equipment, like the internet-based PABX System.
Our passion
We sincerely encourage the small, medium-sized businesses in Dubai and across the world.
Our credit
With our decades of experience in providing IT solutions for businesses in Dubai.
Our assessment
Techno Edge Systems has acquired brand recognition across continents.

What they say

I preferred Techno Edge Systems for PABX installation services in Dubai. They are quick to responded to my emails and answered clearly about my requirements. Their installation and maintenance were fast and well organized.

We've sought IP telephony for our business from Techno Edge Systems and it has been more than 3 years or so. The installation rates are great, I had contacted customer service only once and they were amazing. Highly recommend it! Again, as expected, they provided good quality connection and a very fair price. No drama, no hidden fees. Thank you!