The PABX phone system is considered as the office telephone system. It offers unique features that help to enhance the office communication system.

The various PABX options include –

  • Analog
  • Digital
  • ISDN
  • VoIP

PABX Phone Systems in Dubai

How does PABX transform business communication?

  • PABX allows the easy upgradation of the whole telephone system within the organisation. PABX phone systems can be integrated into the already existing hardware system. PABX allows to manage voice calls, call recordings, and computer telephone integrations.
  • PABX phone systems are user-friendly. They operate just like software on the computer. The configuration and installation are easier than ever. A basic knowledge of networking is enough to install and run the system.
  • PABX phone systems are cost-effective. Companies having branches at various locations can make and receive calls through the PABX at low cost.
  • Hosted PABX allows multi-location businesses to simplify their communication and reduce the capital expenditure.
  • Hosted PABX is a secured network platform that ensures HD voice communications.
  • It allows seamless connectivity with zero maintenance and setup costs.
  • The PABX systems allows call routing that enables any incoming calls to reach to an available employee. It helps in providing better customer service.
  • PABX phone systems provide better call quality. The voice quality of a PABX phone systems is very clear.
  • Using a Hosted PABX eliminates the need for on-site system updates and requires no additional hardware purchases or installation services. The service provider is responsible for maintenance, updates, backups, and upgrades.
  • Hosted PBX is designed to be easy for users to manage without constantly seeking assistance from IT staff. An online web portal allows individual users to configure their own settings for features.
  • Hosted PABX allows companies to always stay connected to without much interruptions. The call forwarding feature allows organisations to attend to every customer.
  • Hosted PABX is easy to deploy and scale as per the specific business requirements. Any updated in the system are automatically done by the service provider to make sure the system is always up-to-date.
  • Hosted PABX allows companies to be more productive. PABX allows to forward calls to any device, seamlessly move in-progress calls between phones, and even make calls from anywhere while still showing it as coming from the office number.

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