Hybrid PBX phone systems customized according to your functionalities 

Looking for efficient communication internally within the office premises as well as with long distant client calls? A hybrid PBX system with an integrated IP PABX systems in Dubai can cater to all business needs with a unified communication advantage. If you already have a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone infrastructure, moving to hosted SIP-trunk provider for PSTN connectivity is worthwhile.

Techno Edge Systems LLC, Dubai offers you numerous communication solutions to suit the varying needs of employees. A solution that deploys enhanced connectivity, is easy to use with unified communication and increased operational efficiency.

What is IP PBX phone system?

An IP PABX Office Phones in Dubai can make and receive phone calls over the internet while sustaining analog phones throughout the office. Using the Internet Protocol (IP) which is a method of transmitting data to another server, you can host an on-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) from the cloud securely.
For multiple voice channels, IP-based voice services along with the PBX system uses SIP trucking (Session Initiation Protocol) at the core.

Increase you on-premises collaboration and connectivity: 

Why to choose IP-PBX phone system from Techno Edge Systems LLC?

Techno Edge Systems offers a fully-featured business communication system platform that is highly configurable and available on an appliance or virtualized. The key factor for every business is how efficiently you communicate with your team members, your existing clients as well as expanding your business through your potential prospects via cold calling. Following are the key features of the IP-PBX system.

Affiliation with any industry:

The flexibility of the PBX system is such that it can be well affiliated with any industry,
E-commerce, tourism, healthcare, education, manufacturing, or home business. Also with the seamless integration of 3rd party software applications, makes day-to- day operations easier and enhances the system to cater to future needs.

Enhanced multi-location communications:

From simple analog systems to advanced IP-based Communication Platforms competent in handling multiple locations, both locally and across the world, the PBX system grows together with your business.

Retain existing hardware:

You can build your IP-based PBX system on your existing PBX phone infrastructure. Thus keeping your hardware costs low, the only thing you will need is your SIP address, password, and domain, and you’re set.

Increased reliability with IP integration:

Through cloud-based hosting, a PBX system gives you flexibility in terms of unified communication, scalability, team mobility, affordable international calls, and centralized data.


Advanced features:

PBX system facilitates the conversion of voicemail to text and email with ease. Thus handling voice messages efficiently and ensuring no voice message is left unanswered. Connectivity with software-based phones provides integration with other systems along with the inclusion of functionalities such as chat, fax, and customer relationship management (CRM) platform integration.

Provision of on Premise and Hosted/Virtual IP-PBX:

Techno Edge Systems LLC renders two types of IP-based PBX phone system solutions. While there are ways to connect analog or digital telephones to an IP PBX, on-premise PBX phones phone system is simply where the hardware components that actually power the phone system are kept at the on-site location. Whereas hosted for IP PBX systems, the hardware of the phone system is hosted by a cloud someplace offsite. The provision of both these services enables users to use different IP phones namely IP phones/ cordless phones, Desktop softphones as well as mobile softphones.

No waiting Call Queues:

PBX system enables you to divert your waiting calls to the right team members through an auto responder. This will give a boost to your operating frequency and won’t lose on business with increasing inquiries.

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