As a result of modern technology, small businesses can manage their communication with clients smoothly and seamlessly.

IP phones have gained a lot of popularity over the past two decades. They have changed the way people use their phone service over the internet.

IP phones provide an integrated system of communication that helps streamline the processes.

IP Office Telephone System Dubai

Optimize your costs and communication capabilities with IP phone installation:

VoIP is an internet-based phone system that converts the traditional analog phone signals into digital format.

The method of converting voice into data signals comes from one of the two sources:

Analogue terminal adapters: ATAs are devices that connect the analogue phone to the VoIP provider’s network.

IP phone systems: These phones are similar to an analogue phone but an Ethernet cord is plugged in instead of the regular phone jack.

VoIP phones, also known as IP phones, are easy to maintain. It allows relatively simple installation, configuration, and maintenance actions. IP phone systems need minimum hardware requirements allowing the phone system to run smoothly and effectively.

VoIP phones allow users to move the phone lines as per the requirement. IP phones can be moved or added as the business grows.

IP phones have unique features that improve the way organisations communicate with clients and customers. They are the most advanced technology phones enabling users to experience a number of unique features.

A few unique features of VoIP phones include call conference, automated phone menus, call waiting, fax-to-mail, interactive voice response, call forwarding, and web collaboration.

VoIP phones allow customers to use the same number with different phone connections with the help of extension numbers. When a call lands on the number it is transferred to the specific extension number for which it is intended to. This helps to have a centralized system of communication within the organisation.

VoIP phones are a cost-effective communication solution. They provide the convenience of connecting all the employees within an organisation into a single network. It allows organisations to maintain a single integrated system for daily communication.

Apart from the cost incurred for the internet service and the hardware required for VoIP phone systems, calling is free.

VoIP phone systems allow users to share videos, free calling, and conference calling.     

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