Communication is a vital factor in improving the business prospects of any organisation.

PBX phone systems are versatile solutions to enhance business communications. PBX phone system helps in the ease of communication within the office premises, using different communication channels.

PBX phone systems offer advanced features and provide a cost-effective solution to organisations.

A single PBX phone system caters to the complete office communication system. It helps organisations in the better management of office communication.

PBX phone systems offer a safe and secure communication and reduce the risk of any call blocking or call dropping.

PBX Phone Systems in Dubai

Features of PBX Phone Systems that Enhance Connectivity:

  •         PBX phone systems allow multiple connections. A single PBX connection offers the facility to add any number of devices into the network without the need to make any hardware changes.
  •         It is simple to integrate the PBX into the already existing system. It provides the flexibility to integrate any 3rd party software application with the PBX phone system.
  •         The IVR and call queue features help to handle more calls and with minimum staff on board. With Voicemail, Voicemail to email, and mobility options your customers never miss even when you are not at the desk.
  •         With IVR and call queue features, the company can handle more calls with less staff.
  •         The advanced features of the PBX phone systems include a conference call bridge, Telephone CRM integration, and remote office connectivity. These features in Office Telephone systems provide higher business productivity.
  •         Few other features include call waiting, call queues, call recording, call forwarding, call transfer, conference calling that boost the operational efficiency within the organisation.
  •         PBX provides excellent call quality and enhances communication within the organization. Calls cannot be intercepted or hacked. They provide a secure environment for exchanging information.
  • Caller ID, details of who sent the message, and voice recording capabilities are displayed.
  •         The overall cost incurred in setting up the PBX phone system is lower and more profitable. The PBX phone system reduces the cost of having individual devices and connections for office communication.

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