Hosted/Cloud PBX is a cloud-based, virtual PBX phone system that delivers secure, reliable phone service for a business or organisation using VoIP technology.

A hosted PBX enables a small business telephone system to access enterprise-level features such as auto attendants and voicemail.

Hosted PBX is an ideal choice for start-ups, small-to-midsize, budget-conscious, or eager to take advantage of fully supported third party system organisations.  

Unlike legacy PBX, hosted PBX is a type of virtual PBX where PBX service is provided using existing broadband service.

There is no physical machine installed in this setup. The entire communication is carried using the SIP trunks technology. A few pre-configured IP phones are available for communication. The IP phones use the internet connection to make and take calls.

PABX Services in Dubai

Hosted PBX is the modern communication solution for PBX services allowing the freedom to users to connect from anywhere across the world.

Cost-effective features of PBX systems:

Call recordings: Call recording software records telephone conversations over PSTN or VoIP in a digital audio file format.

Call conferencing: A hosted PBX enables high-tech communication between users through a variety of mediums, enabling better collaboration. These include telephone conferencing, web and video conferencing, and instant messaging.

Call queues: Call queues help in managing large call volumes. They allow enterprises to attend to every client or customer. It helps improve productivity and efficiency of business communication.

Instant messaging: Hosted PBX allows users to send instant messages and facilitates online chat offering a real-time text transmission over the internet.

Call recording: Call recording facility allows users to access, manage, receive, and record voicemail anytime, anywhere, and from any device in the network.

Virtual extensions: Virtual extension feature of the Hosted PBX allows to forward the call to the extension number. It allows better management of all the incoming calls to an organisation.

Music on hold: Hosted PBX offers music on hold feature allowing users to keep an incoming call on hold while attending another call. It helps to attend to all calls and improves customer satisfaction.

Cost of installing a Hosted PBX is less compared to legacy PBX phone systems. The equipment required to setup Hosted PBX is minimal, maintenance is handled by the VoIP provider at the server level, and basic features are included along with necessary upgrades.

Hosted PBX can be easily integrated into the existing phone service. Hosted PBX phones are compatible with various modern devices and allow the flexibility to connect virtually from any location.

Adding new devices into the Hosted PBX network is easy and any new features can be added into the phone system without much hassle.

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