PBX phone systems enhance the business communication network within the organization. A PBX phone system is equipped with a host of unique features that make it the most preferred choice of business communication.

A PBX system is a business phone system with multiple extensions that have become an essential tool for small and medium-sized businesses due to its lower operating costs.

The traditional phone system is limited to only calling and receiving phone calls. The PBX phone services include various other communication features apart from phone calls.

PBX phone systems consist of two types

  •         Hosted PBX
  •         Virtual PBX

The difference lies in their functionality. Hosted PBX is an automated answering service, whereas the Virtual PBX is a complete, professional phone system.

PBX Phone Systems in Dubai

Hosted PABX System: This type of PABX system is often found in many businesses. It is a system where the VOIP provider hosts the PABX system and the companies subscribe to the services.

Advantages of Hosted PABX systems:

  • No initial investment cost as the provider handles the cost perspective.
  • A low monthly fee as the equipment is installed off-site, and the customer needn’t bear those charges.

Hosted PBX systems are ideal for an organisation with less than 20 employees.

Unique features of Hosted PBX include:

  •         Call recording
  •         Call routing
  •         Call forwarding
  •         Virtual receptionist
  •         Call conferencing
  •         Call transfer

Virtual PABX systems: Virtual PABX is more similar to the hosted PABX in terms of off-site equipment setup. A virtual PABX system, also known as a cloud PABX system, has a lower monthly fee than a hosted PABX system but offers fewer features.

Advantages of Virtual PABX systems:

  • Very low monthly payments.
  • Excellent option for companies who do not make external calls and rely mainly on internet calls and other features such as voicemail and holding music.

Unique features of Virtual PBX include:

  •         Easier setup
  •         Scalability
  •         Forwarding flexibility
  •         Web-based management interface
  •         Easier integration
  •         Phone flexibility

Both Hosted and Virtual PBX phone systems provide businesses to communicate more efficiently and increase productivity.

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