With the increased use of mobiles and the internet for communication, businesses opt for cost-effective and efficient modes to enhance their internal communication.

Landline phones have also undergone major technological advancements, and VoIP phones are the perfect example of this change.

VoIP is an internet-based communication technology that involves broadband or high-speed internet connections and any phone like mobile phone or VoIP enabled softphone.

VoIP’s advantages include extensive network coverage, improved voice clarity, ease of deployment, as well as many free and value-added extra features.

VOIP Phone Systems Dubai

What makes VoIP cost-effective?

Reduced call costs: VoIP phone work over the internet. The call cost is lower when compared to the analog or ISDN line rentals, and businesses can gain significantly after switching to VoIP systems.

Simple and cheaper hardware: VoIP phone offers hardware and handset at a cheaper rate when compared to the traditional landline. Installation and usage of the VoIP phone are easier and require less time. VoIP phones are reliable and last for many years. VoIP phones offer better call quality and make them easy to relocate.

Flexibility: VoIP phones provide the flexibility to add new users and integration into the already existing system is easier. The internal management system that comes with the VoIP phones helps to manage users, monitor the phone system, and view personal settings. Any new features can be easily added to the already existing features without much hassle.

Up-to-date software: VoIP phones work over the internet and can be moved from one desk to another within the organisation as per the need. They are easy to connect from any place. The VoIP service providers offer continuous support online and ensure the phone system is regularly updated.

Feature-rich phones: VoIP phones consist of an array of unique features that are offered at competitive prices. The features include conference calling, auto-attendant, voicemail, fax-to-email software, and ease of connecting to mobile phones.

Improves business communication: The uninterrupted connectivity achieved through VoIP phones helps businesses to keep track of all the incoming and outgoing calls, the advantage of attending to every customer without the risk of missing them due to busy phone lines.

Saves time: VoIP phones save a considerable amount of money for businesses. The range of exclusive features helps organisations in enhancing communication and increasing productivity through the customer relationship management tools available with the VoIP phones.

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