VoIP allows placing calls over the internet. Hence VoIP phones are called Voice over internet protocol or IP phones.

IP phones connect to the internal phone service via the internet, using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection.

IP phones include desktop phones, cordless phones, and conference phones that are helpful for everyday office communication.

IP phones convert the caller’s analogue voice signal into digital signals and send over the internet as data.

IP Office Telephone System Dubai

How are IP phones useful for organizations?

The demand for IP phones is ever-increasing, across large and small organizations. The unique features of IP phones that make them a better communication solution for organizations include:

Cost-effective: If a business is looking for a reliable communication system at an affordable cost, IP phones are a perfect choice. IP phones use the internet to make and receive calls. It reduces the need of laying out cables all over the office for analogue signals. Users can make free IP calls to other IP phones within the organisation. IP phones use the existing internet connection eliminating the complex hardware and its expenses.

Simultaneous calls: IP phones allow users to make multiple calls at the same time without the need for a rollover line. VoIP phones eliminate the number of physical phones necessary to make calls within the organisation. A single phone connection can have multiple extensions. Organizations can provide better customer service with VoIP phone features such as call waiting and call queues. Phone queue allows VoIP users to avoid losing callers when all the phones are occupied.

Flexibility: IP phones provide the flexibility to use from any location having an internet connection. IP phones do not rely on physical location. It can be unplugged, moved to another location and plug it again for use. The phone settings remain the same, which is convenient for office relocation, business expansion, and remote working.

An IP phone system provides economic and long-term benefits for an organisation. IP phones are beneficial for organizations as they come with modern design, ease-of-use, lower maintenance, and ever-improving functionality. 

 IP phones need low maintenance and have a user-friendly interface to handle any upgrades.

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