Before we go some facts about PABX, first, we should know about what actually is a PABX. It is basically a phone system that allows an organization or corporation to manage all their incoming and outgoing calls. Pabx system is used for communicating internally within the organization. This system is made both with hardware and software. It basically connects with the devices which are needed for communication like hubs, routers, phone adapters, and also the telephone sets. PABX Installation in Dubai provides the service at a very affordable price.

PABX Installation in Dubai


Recently the modern PABX system has got the most interesting and modern features. It helps in making communication very easy and powerful within the organizations. It helps in boosting productivity and also efficiency. The complexity and the size vary from very expensive PABX system to less expensive. You can use a PABX system with simple features in your home also.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Hosted PABX System :-

It is essential for a small business. It generally helps in bringing down the production cost. Generally, service providers offer hosted PABX or VoIP service in monthly and also quarterly fees. The cost of this is much less and affordable. It basically works with an internet connection and also in the cloud.

1) Very Low Maintenance and Lower Cost-

Generally, hosted Pabx is given by the third party, so it reduces the maintenance cost and also the time. You don’t need any kind of big infrastructure. You just need some phone sets along with an internet connection.

2) It Is Very Reliable-

If you have a hosted PABX system, then you can adjust your communication system. You can add phone lines, mobile devices, and extensions without any restrictions and limitations. The hosted Pabx system is very reliable. If you see the call connection, then there will be no lagging, lapses, or delays, and the quality of the call be very good.

3) You Can Get the Latest Features –

If you have got hosted PABX, then you can get the feature of Follow me and find me. It has also got other features like voice and fax to email, auto-attendant, and override the call queue. It also has the feature of conferencing the call.

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