LG-Ericsson is the pioneer in providing top-notch business communication needs. It is well-known for fabricating the world-class technologies. LG-Ericsson’s communication equipment & PABX system helps the enterprises in boosting revenues and increasing productivity. Pabxinstallationdubai being the top distributor in Dubai stocks enormous PABX systems for potent business communications.

With our customized solutions for mobile, voice, data and network are reliably productive and secured. We assist the most efficient and cost-effective PABX systems in Dubai for small, medium & large enterprises.

We offer LG Ericsson’s iPecs and IP communication solutions including voice, data and complete network of unified communications. iPecs is ideal for small and medium enterprises. iPecs as an application offering icall suite and iPec communicator helps in enhancing functionalities of pure call management.

Let us discuss the wide range of LG-Ericsson iPecs PABX systems


Highly used for small-scale and medium industries enabling standard communication.

iPecs-LIK is rich in features with centralizing call process and has outstanding benefits distributing IP technology centralized processing of calls to the diversified network.

Capacity to configure around 1200 ports of connections and simple gateway connections provide a high response.

Pre-selected voice messages and call recordings feature helps to deliver the service on time, for example, mobile networking messages and callings from the customer support.

The iPecs-LIK offers flexible PABX system functionalities supporting system redundancy, mobility, voice mail and UMS.

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iPecs-CM: Large Enterprise Business

This is for modular architecture and specially designed for large and medium enterprises.  iPecs-CM is the successor (next-generation) of IP-PABX system.

It consists of gateways and call servers and has the flexibility to connect 500 to 30000 ports and also supports analog phones with video, voice mails, IP/SIP, PDA, call attendant services, Softphone and digital phones to any of high-ended protocols.

Scalability & Reliability enhancements in the business can be experienced with iPecs-CM. Capability to hold multiple servers, easy installation, flexible operations, central management and web-based accessing are few advantages of iPecs-CM

Small Enterprise Business

       iPECS-UCP: Avails modular way of communication to any SME’s. Allows customer to optimize business solutions and it is well designed for UC integrations & as call servers. Users can extend iPECS-UCP for new hardware extensions if required without any hardware changes.

       iPECS-eMG800: Provides flexibility growth, rich in features, increase in IP capabilities, simple management, easy to usage, rich applications and simple deployment with unique designs. iPECS-eMG800 devices are cost-effective.  For internal communications, iPECS-eMG800 series is best and reliable.

      iPECS-eMG80: customers can experience the efficiency in business through embedding UC features. Featured with real-time video, audio and IP messaging system. Compatible with third-party solutions and provides seamless scalability.

      ARIA SOHO: Ability to monitor the inbound and outbound call data further they can control the costs. Empower up to 48 analog extensions. Simple functionalities and smart PABX telephone system added with plug and play options.

IP Phone: IP Phones helps in calls placing over an IP network. These are designed to meet the needs of communications in enterprises.

Below are the varied IP Phones lists

      LIP-9071: Improved version of IP video phone calls leveraging perfect work environment.

  • LCD with touch screen facility
  • Featured with 3-way audio conference systems, built-in camera, HD video call & built-in HDMI interface.
  • Supports few third-party Android applications, Wi-Fi & dongle connections
  • NFC tagging support

      LIP-9000 series: Supports high quality of voice IP phones. These have rich PABX system features. Supports open VPN system and wideband speakerphones.

      LIP-8000 Series IP Phones:  The LG-Ericsson 8000 series IP Phones provides complete integrated systems resembling the conventional features presenting great PBX solutions to the enterprises. These IP phones are well suited for business with flexible installation, configuration and maintenance. The 8000 series phones are designed with Link Layer Discovery Protocol and support 802.1 securities. LIP phones can be accessed by the manager or the respective authorities even from remote locations through web admin.

  1. LIP-8050V:
    1. An exceptional desktop IP Phone enabling video calling
    2. Best GUI-Graphical User Interface
    3. Provides elegant color display
    4. Avails user functioning with 5 features keys
    5. LCD labeling
    6. USB storage supporting system
  2. LIP-8024E / 24D:
    1. Great IP Phone for professional call handling system
    2. Designed with 4 line backlit LCD display
    3. Gigabit and open VPN supporting system
    4. BLF information with tri-colored LED
    5. Featured icons provide more informative display
    6. Supports 802.1 security
  3. LIP-8040E / 40L:
    1. Specially designed for Executives
    2. Informative 9 large LCD backlit lines
    3. User programmable 10 feature keys with LCD labeling
    4. Possess BLF information with triple colored LED
    5. VPN & gigabit support
    6. 1 security support
  4. LIP-8012E /12D:
    1. Delivers best communication systems for everyday office/home usage
    2. Informative with 3 line backlit LCD
    3. Open VPN & gigabit support
    4. Distributes high-quality voice codec systems
    5. User programmable with 12 featured keys along with enhanced conference calling system.
    6. Supports 802.1 security
  5. LIP-8008E /08D
    1. User programmable with 8 feature keys
    2. BLF information with triple LED
    3. Informative with 4 line backlit LCD
    4. 1 security system
  6. LIP-8002E/02AE
    1. This is an entry level IP Phone
    2. Comes with grey display and 2 line informative system
    3. 4 user programmable feature keys
    4. LIP-8002E supports PoE, whereas LIP-8002AE supports adapter with non-PoE

Digital Phones:

LDP-9200 series: Presents intuitive interface with rich usability and features. Provides collective improvements in voice quality and fits best for any industries.

Basic models of LDP-9200 series digital phones.

LDP-9240D-Advanced Digital phone

LDP-9224DF-Professional digital phone

LDP-9224D-Standard version

LDP-9208D-Basic Digital phone

LDP-7200 series: Simple desktop phones.

  • LDP-7224D hold triple lines with LCD
  • Speaker phone
  • Featured with 24 programmable keys, 7 function keys & navigation keys
  • Supports 2.5mm headphone jack

LDP-7248DSS: Compressed with 48 programmable keys and facilitating direct station selection.

LDP-DPB:  Best digital door phones and consists of rotary type volume

Wireless Phones

             GDC-800H: Rich in features, cost-effective and compacts with IP DECT solution. Perfectly matches for SME enterprises.

  • GDC-800Bi
  • GDC-800R

             GDC-500H/480H: Provides high-quality voice with enhanced mobility features.

  • GDC-500H
  • GDC-600BE


Analog Phones:  Provides user friendly features

             LKA-220C series: 16 Digits & 3 line LCD

             LKA-210 series: 16 Digits & 3 line LCD

             LKA-200 series: Simple SLT with 3 buttons redial and volume controlling system.

The simple models of LG-Ericsson have packed a lot of outstanding features with exclusive models of PABX system from Techno Edge Systems L.L.C. We provide the complete line-up of LG-Ericsson Pabx systems. Our LG-Ericsson’s phone system includes reliable, securable and scalable solutions for any business. We provide the complete needs of Pabx that meet today’s technological communications. Be it office phones, personal phones or any desktop phone systems, we design perfect PABX solutions for you.

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