Rejoice at your work with flexible and splendid communication system by availing Avaya PABX Systems

Pabxinstallationdubai is the market leader in distributing the governing PABX systems from the branded Inc. Avaya- Avaya Telephone Systems. We are strong and recommended suppliers of Avaya IP Office and PABX Telephone systems in and around Dubai region.

Avaya IP office systems Dubai is one of the best Telephony systems that is focused on setting ground breaking results producing quantitative communication in the series of powerful VoIP Office phone systems. Avaya Telephone Systems Dubai bridges the gap between organizations or businesses connected locally and globally.  Avaya IP Office Telephony Systems are considered to be the best reliable and commendable brand in providing outstanding telecommunication equipment with the latest & advanced features.

Avaya IP Office/PABX systems endow in furnishing with advanced VoIP features including calculating inbound and outbound calls management, monitoring, messaging and networking which completely works with traditional switches, circuits and IP connecting lines. Avaya Telephone Systems are flexible and easy to install. The PBX or PABX systems manage the entire voice and data over an IP technology connected to VoIP. They are key systems that leverage effective communication between employees and clients related to respective business.

Features of Avaya PABX Systems

  • The Avaya PABX Systems are used for large, medium and small enterprises. They are designed to operate in the enterprises holding more than 4 to 1000 employees. Irrespective of the size of the business, Avaya telephone systems always deliver the same firm communication.
  • Avails best solutions by any means of communication standards: wired and wireless.
  • These are available in both analog and digital section.
  • Avaya IP PABX telephone systems Dubai is packed with latest features supporting network coverage of the above 32 sites, multiple call support, call center functionality, displaying caller ID, voice recording and faxing whenever necessary.

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Avaya Telephone Systems

Avaya is known for designing unique and intuitive IP Office and PABX Telephone Systems. They are smart in acting i.e., communicating and very simple to use. Avaya telephone systems are proactively figured out according to the requirements of business within your estimated budget. As a huge distributor of Avaya Telephone systems in Dubai, UAE, we stock wide range and series of IP PABX systems.

Our distribution includes the highly configured Avaya IP Telephone Systems fully featured Avaya Conference Phones, Digital phones, structured IP handsets and simple call management handsets and more.

Avaya IP500 Office Telephone Systems:

  • The Avaya IP 500 Office telephone system supports Desk telephones along with Analog and Digital IP phones.
  • The IP 500 office telephone systems from Avaya are highly modified according to the requirements of medium and small enterprises.
  • They provide the prompt solutions for business in terms of messaging, conferencing, call recording and management of complete voice and data solutions.
  • The Avaya IP Office 500 Telephone systems deliver a novel set of cutting-edge communications, helping the users or employees to work smarter than before and forever.
  • Avaya IP Office 500 Telephone systems bring adorable change in the way of performance with its unique mode of operations and definitely can help its users to be ahead of their competitors in delivering efficient communication with all possible securable measures.
  • This is a hybrid PABX/ PBX system with digital technology along with VoIP and SIP supporting techniques.
  • The convergence of voice & data communication solutions of Avaya IP 500 helps in improving customer/client satisfaction, increases in productivity in the work force and as well in the business with affordable costs.
  • The latest version of IP 500 series is office IP 500 V2 which is capable to suit all the series of office IP 500 including its latest release of version 6.0 and their highest ends