Now also the phone is the first way to contact whether it is personal or professional. If you are running a business, then it is essential that you should have proper phone connectivity. It means that you should have an appropriate PABX system in your there is the advancement of technology, we have moved from analog exchanges to digital phone exchange. You should choose a phone system according to your business and organization. If you have a small business, then you can easily manage your business with one or two telephone lines.

Whether your is in the home or any other location, but once your business starts growing automatically, your employee will increase, and more phones will be added for employees that will be centrally located or virtually spread across the the telephone line grows, so is the telephone numbers will. Accordingly, expenses and complexity will also grow. But you don’t have to worry about it as there is equipment to manage all these things very easily and is called private branch exchange or PABX.

PABX System in Dubai

It will help the companies and large businesses to link all the phones across different locations together. So if you are getting multiple lines for your organization, then you should have proper knowledge about the PBX system. This is a modern system that is computerized, and it can be operated through the internet.

PBX systems can be easily managed, and the new PBX systems are very affordable that you may not even think about it. You can improve your companies’ customer service department and also reduce the costs by using a PBX system. The PABX System in Dubai provides the best service to its clients.

Some features of the PABX system includes –

1) Call conferencing
2) Call holding
3) It can distribute the call automatically
4) Welcome messages
5) You can hear the call record, and also you can have extension numbers.

About analog PABX

It is mainly a physical exchange box that will be present on company premises. The cost of analog PBX may be higher in comparison with another system, but if the cost which will be calculated per employee, then the price will be lower with several ports you require. IN analog PBX, generally, all the on-site phone lines are connected with a phone box. If you have any technical glitch, then you need a trained engineer to fix it.

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