PABX telephone systems play a vital role in connecting the various channels of communication within an organisation.

PABX uses digital phone signals to make or receive calls. It is easy to integrate the PABX system into the already existing communication channel as they use Ethernet cables to facilitate communication between VoIP phones. The necessity for rewiring the entire channel is eliminated.

With a PBX phone system, the physical phone line connected into the organisation can be split into multiple lines, supporting more telephones. The calls made between several users are free of cost.

PBX Phone Systems in Dubai

Unique features of a PABX system that help enhance the digital connectivity

Free internal calling: A single phone connection can be split into multiple lines allowing users to make any number of free internal calls.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): The IVR feature of a PABX phone system helps businesses in managing calls without fearing losing any customer unattended. A pre-recorded voice message allows customers to dial the department of which the services are required. IVR is an effective tool and is used extensively in call centers.

Call quality: The PABX phone systems provide excellent call quality. There is a low risk of call dropping or call interception. Users can enjoy long conversations without worrying about a call drop.

Security: There is a low risk of call hacking or interception for calls made through a PABX phone system.

Flexible: The PABX phone system can be integrated into any industry setup. It easily integrates with 3rd party software applications, makes day-to-day operations easier, and enhances the system to cater to future needs.

Host of calling features: The PABX phone system incorporates call forwarding, call queues, call recording, call parking, call transfer, call waiting, and conference calling features boosting operational efficiency and connectivity.

PABX telephone systems help in connecting multiple branch offices of an organisation and are able to seamlessly transmit both voice and data in the form of VoIP connectivity.

The digital connectivity achieved through PABX phone systems helps businesses stay connected and expand faster with more outreach.

As communication is the key factor for the success of any business, staying connected and informed helps enterprises not to lose any important information.

PBX Phone Systems in Dubai for affordable and cost-effective medium of communication.

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