The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies big and small to choose for a safe mode of communication for the well-being of their employees. Companies across the world are choosing a hybrid mode of communication.

Employees are required to work from office and home during a week. It allows them to spend less time with other people and thereby curbing the spread of the virus.

Such hybrid working environments require a robust communication system so that employees can stay connected and work without interruption.

The Real PBX phone systems allow users to work from home, stay connected, and always be available for customers.

VoIP Phone Systems Dubai

Unique features of Real PBX system:

Virtual number: Business virtual number to connect support channel for the customers. Users get a toll free number or a local number of choice to provide seamless connectivity and offer 24×7 support services to customers.

Call center solutions: Real PBX offer advanced business phone features such as Automatic call distribution, Answering Machine Detection, predictive dialers, and so on with the ability to operate from home.

SIP trunking or VoIP: Choose any of these communication technologies to facilitate remote calls and cut your existing telephony bills by 60%.

Advantages of Cloud PBX:-

Scalability: With a cloud PBX solution, you can easily upscale or downscale your telephony requirements based on your needs. You can easily add any number of extensions with a web-based interface and that too in just a few clicks.

Flexibility: The latest features are upgraded without the need for extra hardware equipment as the PBX provider takes care of the installation.

Affordable: Cloud PBX systems offer flexible pricing plans based on the number of users, extensions, and the total number of calling minutes required.

Strong business presence: Cloud PBX allows users to have a strong local and international presence with the virtual numbers. The mobile user support and softphone advantages give a professional image and add to the business profits.

Reliability: The Real PBX provides hosted PBX services that meet the best business-class standards with attractive add-ons to enhance your business image. It offers multiple-backups, real-time redundancy, and reliability of services to cater to the enterprises growing needs with zero call drop.

Techno Edge Systems LLC offers quality VoIP Phone Systems Dubai for organizations. Our feature-rich VoIP phones enhance business communication and ensure uninterrupted communication.

Our expert technicians offer onsite and online support for the installation and setup of VoIP phones. They ensure the smooth integration of the Cloud-based VoIP phone systems into the already existing communication system.

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