Communication is the most important aspect for any business to stay ahead in this ever-increasing competitive world. A multiple extension phone system keeps various departments and clients connected for a seamless work atmosphere in small and mid-sized enterprises.

The PABX phone system is software for providing business telephony to different departments of an organisation through a common line. The PABX provides flexibility with a multitude of benefits that can be tapped for business growth.

A proper business phone service allows enterprises to:
  • Track call duration, hold and wait times, and overall usage.
  • Call forwarding, Caller ID, Call waiting, inbound call routing, and call recording are some of the features of a business phone.
  • The auto-attendant feature can be used to route the call to the first available person thereby allowing to share one business phone number among several users simultaneously.
  • The same phone system can be used as a desk phone, cordless phone, mobile cell phone, or a computer to receive and make calls.
  • Easily add new members without much technical intervention.
  • The VoIP system transmits voice over the internet, it requires a high-speed internet connection to take a local call from anywhere you are.

Telephone Suppliers in Dubai


The PABX phone system is classified into four different types:

Traditional PABX: All the calls are diverted to multiple extensions through the traditional landlines.

IP PABX System: This system allows calls over the internet, it handles many connections as long as the internet bandwidth supports.

Hosted PABX System: This is used by many businesses where the VoIP provider hosts the PABX system and enterprises subscribe to the services.

Virtual PABX System:  It is mainly availed by companies who mostly use the internet for voice calls. It is a cloud based PABX system.

Factors to look for in a reliable Telephone solution provider

A reliable Telephone Suppliers in Dubai always advises the right kind of Telephone system for your organisation.

Cost-effective: The trusted telephone solution provider gives a clear idea of the cost, based on the number of telephones required, number of employees, future expansion, and the budget.

A trusted telephone solution provider ensures a robust system that comprises multi-functionality calling features.

Flexibility: The telephone system should have the flexibility of incorporating any future expansion or inclusion into the system.

Service: A reliable telephone solution provider offers efficient maintenance of the system that responds quickly to any customer issues.

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