VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol technology that allows transmitting voice data over the internet. It is a cloud-based system that streamlines your phone systems.

VoIP phones allow businesses to optimise their communication system. There are a variety of benefits provided by the VoIP phone system including chat channels, video conferencing, and message alerts.

VoIP solutions improve and maximize bandwidth usage by filling the information gaps in call recordings.

VoIP Phone Systems Dubai


Features of VoIP that help optimise your business:

Saves money: VoIP converts audio calls into digital data packets. It then uses the existing data network and the internet to transmit those packets to their destination. So the calls made to other VoIP phones and internal calls are free as they are not dependent on PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Easy to Setup and use: A VoIP phone system can be set up and readily used in five easy steps.

  • Create an account
  • Add location
  • Activate the free trial
  • Setup call handling
  • Add a phone number

The VoIP phone is ready to use. The various features of the VoIP phone system can be operated easily without much training. Any new features can be added to the dashboard.

Always stay connected: The VoIP phone works on the internet and needs a power supply. It will transfer the calls to a landline or a mobile phone in case the internet is down or there is a power outage. The VoIP provider offers plans to suit every business need. It can be upgraded according to the growing business needs.

Ensures a professional look to business: Communication through VoIP phone systems is crystal-clear and without missing sentences. The audio is clear. VoIP phone systems offer HD voice options. It offers superior call quality. VoIP offers virtual numbers and customizable voicemail to call recording and IVR features in every plan. ACD queues, ring groups, music on hold, call routing rules, and emergency calls are part of the enterprise-class functionality of a VoIP phone system.

Seamless Integration: The VoIP phone system can be easily integrated into the existing phone system. Login into the web portal and change any setting you need for smooth integration of the VoIP system. Data is stored on secure servers and all the calls made through a VoIP phone system are encrypted.

With a host of advanced technology features and simple integration into the existing phone system, VoIP phone systems optimise businesses and provide a robust communication channel within the enterprise.

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