PBX Phone Systems:

In this fast-pacing era, the mode of communications and transferring business details have often been changing. To keep up the business standards and for the growth of the organization, we implement the best compatibilities.
The PABX Phone Systems Dubai is flexible and capable of configuring or built speculative communication systems across various locations independent of time zones, region, and the countries. They cover a massive range of office, home, and business communications from the very conventional digital systems to advanced & high graded IP communication network on varied platforms.

PABX phone systems Dubai

PBX Features:

The PBX communication network is built according to the requirement, usage, and the connectivity spectrum of the respective business. Below are the few beneficial features of Panasonic PBX to the organizations.
Reliable SMS & Built-in Voice Message system: PBX shares quick and secured process of voice messages to clients, office staff, or to the customers. With PBX telephone systems, you can leave a voice message for the customers, clients, and staff whenever needed.

Displaying Caller-ID:

Keeps you informed about your callers. The caller-ID info on the screen lets you be aware of the callers calling on your number. This system works on both analog and single-line telephone systems also.

Call Answering system by recognizing voice:

This is an efficient feature allowing to pre-record the calls and leave it on for the respective extensions either typically for a person or a group. It helps in minimizing the workload of the operator who needs to handle all the communication process. Allows in managing the prior requested clients/calls.

Call Forwarding & Message Notifications:

Avails directing or forwarding of calls to any other extensions, mailbox, office or personal numbers. PBX notifies unattended calls through a voice message or pre-recorded message.

Calling Mode:

The Day/Lunch/Night modes help in changing the system’s behavior according to the user need. Can alter the calling system or avoid if unnecessary.

Conference Calls & Extensions:

Can connect or extend the several calls to five callers at a time. Helpful in meetings, conferences, & more.

Emergency Call Divert: Allows in bringing up at least five essential numbers when alerted.
Fax detection, Room/ call duration monitor, power backup, Call Recording, etc. there are so many benefits with PBX systems for the business.

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