The secret of a successful business lies in its communication infrastructure. The effective use of digital communication solutions to improve business prospects is necessary for this present age of technological advancement.

PABX phone system stands for Public Automatic Branch Exchange system. It allows having many lines of access using a few connections to the public network, PSTN. It automates the switching tasks necessary for connecting calls between extensions via interactive voice response (IVR) menus.

Each device connected in the PABX system is designated an extension number. These devices incorporate desk phones, computer modems, and fax machines.

PBX Phone Systems in Dubai


4 Unique features of PABX that enhance business communication:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): This automates the calling system within the organisation. It acts as an auto attendant. It is used by organisations for technical support, product information requests, and other service requests. It directs the caller to the specific department as requested by them.

Secure: PABX phone systems provide complete security to the calls. The calls made through the PABX phone system are routed to the PSTN, and there is no interaction with the internet. In addition to ensuring the security of the calls, this also reduces the risk of hacking.

Call quality: Calls made from a PABX phone system are of high quality and do not experience call interruption or voice dropouts. The calls are made through Analog lines and hence provide high quality for voice calls.

Advanced features: The PABX phone system includes call forwarding, call queues, call recording, call waiting, call transfer, and conference calling. It provides a free calling system within the organisation as each telephone unit is assigned an extension number. The flexibility provided by the PABX phone system allows its easy integration into any business environment. Its seamless integration of third party software makes daily office tasks simple and effective.

PABX phone systems help businesses in carrying out their daily activities in an organised and effective manner. It facilitates the conversion of voicemail to text and email with ease. This helps in attending to all the voice messages or calls without being worried about any missed call or important message.

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